We, the users of this wiki, hereby pledge allegiance to the great rules that keep us lawful and civilized as one of the empires of Wikia. They will be followed without question, and those who disobey will be punished as seen fit by administrators. 

  • Do not claim any canon character or the world itself as your own; they belong to the author and no one else. Expulsion from the wiki is punishment.
  • Any unprovoked action of blocking, warning, etc. will result in punishments ranging from a warning in return to a suspension from the wiki. If continued, expulsion.
  • This series is directed at an 8-12 age range, and any inappropriate material posted will be punished by a suspension from the wiki. If this repeats, another suspension, and after that, expulsion.
  • Any insults directed toward other users is sure to get you a suspension. If there are any other violations to this rule after that, expulsion.

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