Perlina is the dam of Estella. She is the mare who inspires Estella after giving her the vision of the tiny horse. Sadly she died to let her daughter live.


Perlina's actual coat color is never truly known, although it is mentioned to be a pale, silvery color. She was named for her coat which was described to be the color of pearls or the just before. Perlina's eyes were brown with a touch of gold, like amber.


Perlina was very sweet, but also very strong and brave, with a strong spirit. She sees things most horses don't see, like the vision of the sweet grass and the tiny horse.


After Perlina, Estrella, and four other horses were thrown over board, Perlina sacrificed herself to save her filly during the attack of a shark. The shark caught her in its teeth, and soon Perlina started to sink.