Espero (Hold On)
Physical Traits Strong, old, blind eyes
Mental Traits Can predict/smell what the weather is before it comes
Relations One deceased colt
Friends Estrella, Angela, Corazon, Sky, Grullo, Bobtail, Arriero, Yazz
Enemies Men, Pego, Coyote
Strengths His senses
Weaknesses Fire
Dappled grey Horse2
Espero, mainly called "Hold On", was one of the horses who were thrown over board. He is the
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oldest stallion in the herd.

Appearance Edit

Hold On is an old stallion, being older than Angela and barely younger than Corazon. Like other dapple gray horses, his mane is dark and he has gray rings around his body, the rest of his coat being white. He almost certainly had brown eyes.

In Star Rise, due to the fire, he becomes blind and looses his tail, and relies on Tijo to be his eyes.

Family Edit

A colt (Deceased)

Personality Edit

Espero (Hold On) is a very close friend of Estrella's and believes in her. Like her, he has a short temper, and is not afraid to attack a horse as high ranked as Centello. He is quite stubborn as well, but he usually tries to be calm and soft.