Physical Traits Unknown
Mental Traits Trickery
Relations Unknown
Friends The Seeker
Enemies Estrella
Strengths Ibers
Weaknesses Chitzens

Centello was the stallion owned by the Seeker, the leader for the journey to the new world. His name means "spark" because of the white marking on his forehead.


He was a handsome, almost entirely black stallion. His coat and mane were black in color, with a white lightning bolt on his forehead. He very likely had brown eyes, like most horses.


He was a very cruel and selfish horse, being only loyal to his master, the Seeker. He didn't care about anyone else other than himself and his master.


His death was very gruesome. The Chitzens proved that horses were not gods by ripping the black stallion out of his stall and chopping his head off.