Bella was a young mare who was pregnant with Pego's colt or filly. She traveled with Pego as a small herd with 2 other mares.

She was seen in Star Rise to leave the herd and mate with Pego. She couldn't have a colt or filly so pego left her. She was left by him and she returned to the herd, injured and starving. She thought she would be left but instead, the herd paid her with compassion and helped her. She was seen running from from Pego who called himself El Noble by the conquistador leader. She jumped the ravine with Estrella and ran off. Pego, being hurt brutally by the conquistador leader saw himself not as a great warhorse but a man's slave. He bucked the conquistador off and ran after Bella.

Appearance Edit

According to the 2nd book of the series Star Rise, Bella is a fine, tawny bay mare. She probably had dark eyes, like most bay horses.

Family Edit

Mate: Pego Edit

Offspring: Unborn colt or filly Edit

Stepdaughter: Azul Edit


Bella was very submissive and quiet, for most of the time. She always went with what Pego said, and was submissive to him overall. For most of the time, she was quite shy, especially toward the herd.