A mother horse named Perlina, having been pregnant for a long time on a journey that should have been over, gives birth to a foal she dubs Estrella, "Star" because of the swirled white marking on her forehead.


As Estrella grows older, the voyage's length stretches and due to lack of food, Perlina, her foal, and a handful of other horses are thrown overboard. Perlina dies protecting Estrella from a shark, and before she dies, Estrella catches an image in her mother's eye; the image of a very small horse, the smallest she had ever seen, running across an open plain. The tiny horse would guide her along her way in the future, and keep her safe from hidden dangers.

Estrella and the other survivors reach land, and change their names to their choice upon her persuasion. One names herself Angela, "Angel", another Corazon, "Heart", and the other two Espero, "Hold On", and Cielo, "Sky". They then go on a journey that bonds all the horses together and make them a true herd.