Physical Traits Unknown
Mental Traits Calm, Strong, and Detirmined
Relations Unknown
Friends The First Herd
Enemies Coyote, El Miedo
Strengths Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown

Arriero was one of the stallions in the herd. He was the most powerful and the strongest. As a former war horse he was once put up for sale at an auction. El Miedo immediately wanted him for his stremyth and sure-footedness, even though he wasn't a "Pura Raza." El Miedo named him Arriero, the name he kept in the New World. But after the man came back with the money, he found the horse had already been bought by the Seeker.

Arriero killed the male mountain lion in the attack. He also was the bait to lure El Miedo out of his camp along with Estrella and Tijo, and because of this all the horses and mules were freed.


Arriero is a dark bay stallion. His coat is dark brown and his mane and tail are black. It is unknown if he has facial or leg markings. His eyes are proabbly brown


Arreiro is quiet and observitive, but not shy. He is calm, strong and determined, all traits and being a former war horse