Angela is an old mare who was thrown overboard with Estrella and 4 others. She is a pinto. It took a
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while for her to adjust to being free with no reins or bits or spurs. She was called Fea, which meant "ugly" in Spanish by her master because of the spots on her muzzle. She is very good friends with Corazon.


Despite being named Fea, Angela is actually quite pretty. Her neck is beautifully arched, her head is well shaped, and her throatlach is perfect.And the spots on her muzzle looks amazing on her and brings her out. Her coat is a glossy dark bay with splotches of white, like snow. Her mane is most likely black or a dark gray, with her eyes being dark brown.


She has a well memory and doesn't forget easily, somewhat annoying Hold On. She loves to tell the others about her former masters, and how kind and caring they were to her; she also talked about how much money they earned. Nevertheless, she was very gentle and soft.


None known


After being swept away by a river, she stumbled onto the shore and was killed and eaten by a bear.